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Student Conduct Policy


Misuse or damage to college property or facilities will lead to disciplinary action which could result in termination of a student's studies and / or payment for damages and call out charges. Breach of discipline can range from a failure to comply with any statute, ordinance, regulation, or rule prescribed for the conduct.


Students will be responsible for their personal property, the college will not accept any responsibility for items lost or stolen. Items lost or found should be intimated at the facilities (or) management desk.

Attendance Requirement
a) Undergraduate Programs
  • A student is eligible to appear for the semester-end examinations, only if he / she has put in a minimum of 80% attendance in each subject.
  • No candidate is permitted to take the end-semester examination if he / she does not fulfil the attendance requirement.
  • If a student is absent from all the classes without prior permission, his / her name will be removed from the rolls of the college.

The above requirements may strictly be adhered to.

The student failing to comply with attendance requirements shall be required to seek re-admission into the same semester by paying the stipulated fees. As per the university norms